Miss J laurel poster.jpg

A short film, written & directed by Amani Zardoe
A vulnerable British Muslim teenager believes her missing brother may have joined a terrorist organisation, and is encouraged to take revenge on the resulting prejudice and aggression she has suffered at the hands of a school bully - with disastrous results. 

  •  NOMINATED Best Screenwriter Underwire Film Festival 2017 (BAFTA qualifier) 

"At it's deepest level, this is not a film about being Muslim, it is about being human... the only complain I have about Miss J is that it is too short." Stick with the Indies
"...not only a short film that's pretty topical - exploring the hatred stirred up by Islamophobia - but it's done with such personal flair, coming from one angle and ending at another, shocking destination." TAPE X


Deema - Serena Manteghi
Lucy - Maisie Brooker
Tanisha - Diany Samba-Bandza
Hakeem - Waj Ali


Writer/Director - Amani Zardoe
Producers - Kristina Epenetos, Amani Zardoe, Maxine Ross
Executive Producers - Andrew Wilkinson and Marie-Rose Kahane
Director of Photographery - Evan Burris Trout
Production Designer - Elspeth Abdy Collins
Editor - Adam Bernet
Original Score - Aisling Brouwer
Costume Designer - Giulia Scrimieri
1st Assistant Director - Michael O'Kelly
1st Camera Assistant - Emily-Jane Robinson
2nd Camera Assistant - Michael McInally
Steadicam Operator - James Poole
Gaffer - Peter E. Riches
Spark - Jake Buckley
Sound Recordist/Boom Operator - Simon Haggis
Sound Editor - Rob Price
Hair & Make-Up - Clementine Ollerenshaw
Fight Choreographer - Rupert Charmak
VFX/Online Editor - Mark Maltby
Colourist - Jax Harney @ Cheat
Runners - Gabriella Russell, Anna Lang, Max Lethbridge, Haile Blackwell
Catering - Mama Bouz, Jane Stagg, Rachel Lethbridge

Special Thanks:

Joanna Jane 'JJ' Briscoe, Harley Gray, 'Greenwich Dave', Henry Russell, Hatty Jones, Edward Boon, Bobby Hirston, Thomas Lumeau - and all our wonderful Kickstarter supporters. 

This film could not have been made without the help, support and advice of Omar Hassan-Reep, David Landau, and The Bouzies.