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Amani’s recent project, Portraits, an anthology series of 5 short monologue films, won the Honourable Mention Award for Best Experimental Film at the Vegas Movie Awards 2019 and has been Officially Selected by Dumbo Film Festival 2019, Feel The Reel IFF 2019, and DSOFF 2018. The episode Portrait of a Vigilante was selected by Micro Acts to screen as part of their curated art film night at Hotel Elephant in October 2018.

Underwire Film Festival (BAFTA qualifier) are hosting a Portraits special event on Tuesday 17th September at Rich Mix in Shoreditch - the official audience premiere of the anthology followed by a panel discussion on the themes with guest arts critics, two of the creatives and Amani.

Lazy Money, a female driven stoner comedy, has also been Officially Selected by Underwire and Amani is up for the prestigious XX Award.

In 2017, Amani was nominated for the Best Screenwriter Award for her short film, Miss J, at Underwire - you can watch Miss J here.

Bridget Arsenault interviewed Amani on her recent work, you can read the piece for Forbes online here.

Amani chatted to Paul Macauley about all things filmmaking recently, you can listen to the podcast interview here.