An anthology series exploring our 'curated selves' - versions of ourselves that we package and present to the world, versus what is real, hidden and inescapable.

  • SPECIAL EVENT: Underwire Film Festival hosts Official Premiere + Panel Discussion

  • WINNER Honourable Mention Best Experimental Film - Vegas Movie Awards 2019

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dumbo Film Festival 2019

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Feel The Reel IFF 2019


  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Micro Acts London 2018 (Portrait of a Vigilante)

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Portrait of a Fighter

An apparently tough member of the Conservative party experiences cyber abuse during her campaign for a seat.
Directed, produced & performed by Amani Zardoe, written by Hatty Jones

Portrait of a Magpie

A kleptomaniac explains her troubled history through a video message to a lover, to devastating effect.
Directed & produced by Amani Zardoe, written & performed by Jessica Sîan

Portrait of a Vigilante

A sex worker, a security guard, and a kitchen porter reveal the dark urges that their survival instincts draw out of them as a result of their lack of control over life.
Written, directed & produced by Amani Zardoe

Portrait of an Expert

A young woman makes a vlog to find the UK a Supreme Leader - believing that she will in this way solve all the country's problems.
Directed & produced by Amani Zardoe, written & performed by Hatty Jones

Portrait of a Bride

On the eve of a life-changing day, and with a thread growing bizarrely and unbelievably from her mouth, a young woman who has floated through life with apparent contentment, realises she must take back control over her life and body.
Directed & produced by Amani Zardoe, written by Maud Dromgoole