A Review of Portraits

So grateful for these beautiful and extremely insightful thoughts on Portraits and the theme of ‘curated selves’ by Stick with the Indies.

“You’d expect to connect to one secret [in the Portraits films], not them all… We create these personas thinking they’ll protect us, instead they protect everyone else from our turmoil… Cage ourselves to feel safe.”

It’s wonderful to realise someone understands and relates to the work and what we were trying to say!

Read the full review here.

HeavyWait update!

Amani and Hatty have decided to focus on their individual projects so from now on this site will focus on Amani’s future work, as well as hosting her previous projects made under the HeavyWait banner. We hope you enjoy the new site!

LAZY MONEY - New Short

We are very excited to announce that LAZY MONEY will be shooting at the end of the month!

Written by the very talented Diany Samba-Bandza and Directed and Produced by Amani Zardoe, LAZY MONEY follows the haze-filled exploits of three girlfriends who concoct a harebrained plan to make some quick cash to fund their unending need for weed

Watch this space for more updates coming soon!