OFFSTAGE - a web series

Set in contemporary London, Offstage follows two best friends stumbling through their twenties trying to break into the highly competitive, over-crowded acting industry. On a daily roller coaster of highs and lows they deal with rejection, jealousy, and the feeling of being left behind by friends with regular jobs. However, fuelled by a naive determination they refuse to give up on their dreams no matter how tough the slog. 

Series co-created and produced by Amani Zardoe & Hatty Jones

Directed by Jamie Sims

Actors (in order of appearance): Amani Zardoe, Hatty Jones, Chris Magee, James Rallison, Harriet Green, Jordan Maxwell, Noah James, Charlotte Newton John, Timo Willman, Louise Beresford, Maddie Rice, Nicola Kill, David Ellis. 

DoP: Duncan Trevithick, Sam Hooper
Location Sound: Patrick Casey
2nd AC/Gaffer: Adam Grasso
Sound Mixer: James Robert George Wright
Editor: Matthew Cresswell
Colourist: Duncan Trevithick

Theme music: Jahzzar - Railroads Whiskey Co.